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*(Many years ago, Octavio Paz wrote

a sentence that served as a banner to me,

somewhere between black and red:

“The coming revolution is a fiesta,

the beginning of the beginning that returns.”

I no longer believe he has any interest in the beginning of that return

and could distort his sentence: “The coming revolution

belongs to Chiapas, the Mayan victims of the beginning

who are in rebellion, returning to a wished-for future…”

We are all Marcos! All EZLN,

in the Lacandon jungles of what we were forbidden!…)


(Love and blood in Chiapas)


I’m searching for a glance

to confirm my faith in her

and advance blindly with great determination

in another just rebellion that turns

into an urgent demand for certainties

for this rebellious Zapatist heart

forced to fight for what’s obvious

with a serene fury

both ancient and wise


From the love that resists the one who would repress it

with her for company as before

or on my own armed to the teeth with nostalgia

I shall let myself be invaded by Mayan blood

so she can return to her own land

or succeed in living another thousand lives

in struggle against the world

if required

breaking its neck

and diverting

history from its course

together with the usual victims.

July 95

(Lois Pereiro,  “Light and Shadows of Resurrected Love” from the book  Poesía Última de Amor e Enfermidade -Latest Poetry of Love and Disease- 1992-1995)

Translated from Galician by Jonathan Dunne.


*The  poem’s original structure has been respected in these lyrics, although it does not coincide with the musical structure of the song. The words of Lois Pereiro himself, present in the theme, are transcribed below.


Lois Pereiro speaking:

“…moving between black and red flags meant a balance,

that beautiful utopic uprising, full of future that Chiapas was,

combining my way of understanding life, my love for life and

for people with which I regarded as one of the most decent ways

to try and change the world.”

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